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August 29, 2017


Over the past few weeks I have taken a vacation from blogging.

The time has been filled with restoring the back garden and testing my new Silk Road cookbooks. One of my granddaughters came to Davis for a long visit. We baked cookies, made art, and drummed among some other activities.


Oh must not forget that due to my friend Anne,  I also had a chance to see Lady Gaga in Sacramento! All I can say about the concert is Wow!

The vacation continues tomorrow with a trip to China. This will be the first time I do not take my computer and blog from along the way. The computer has become such a friend, it feels strange to be leaving without it. However, my partner and I are touring the ancient Silk Road (explains the new cookbooks) and I want to focus on what is along the pilgrimage. I will take copious notes and share all of it when I return.

For those who live in Texas, my thoughts and light-filled intentions are with you.

I will be back in October!

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  1. Glad to see you taking a break from technology. It can be all consuming. Just back from Cali to Austin..all is well here, sadly not for those in Houston and other areas. Heartbreaking to see. Safe travels to you and yours Penelope. xo

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