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November 29, 2013 LAX

I cannot count the times I have flown out of LAX. Today we are headed to Japan via JAL. With rain in LA so we left OC early enough to allow for slicks, skids and unexpected surprises along the 405. Fortunately, no problem, we arrived over two hours early with plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent public art in the Tom Bradley International Terminal.
At check-in a beautiful young woman took care of us warmly, politely and with the kindness that I have become accustomed to from the Japanese. The security guard that needed to go through one of my bags could not have been friendlier. He informed me that that he was working on a degree in history with hope of becoming a professor.
The omens for the trip to Vietnam are reading well. I knew I had to go…one of those have-to’s that has no rhyme or reason other than the dictates of the heart. I have a manicurist from Vietnam. For the past fifteen years we have been exchanging stories, sharing our woes, our joys and our family histories.  Her stories have more than prepared me for this trip.


Public art at LAX

Public art at LAX

Another piece of public art - “Strings" from South Korea, a musical and visual piece


  1. so the journey beginneth! wonderful!!

  2. So happy to read your Blog, Penelope! Traveling mercies! Love, Maureen Jenkins

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