I want to acknowledge and respond to some comments that have come from my readers. Seems that the time of posting has caused a little confusion. As one person said, I was getting posts on Sardegna long after I thought you had returned to the States. Right! Frequently and for purposes of reflection some posts are written post trip.

Then, there is the partner issue. ”Why do you call him your partner?” This one has really bugged a few (I have noted that the few are of the upper generation). I thought it was perfectly appropriate given the evolution of relationships with their sundry varietals. I like a universal concept as in “partner,” it rules out types, discrimination and expectations. I have always looked on my significant other as my partner in my life. Both are found under definitions of the H word.

The Old English husbonda  defined as the master of a house is derived from the Old Norse husbondi. Hus meaning house and bondi householder. (Does that mean a wife is in bond to the master of the hus?) Bua also elated to Old Norse means to inhabit and is akin to Old English buan to dwell. Buan is related to bower for which one definition is a lady’s private apartment in a castle or medieval hall. Exploring husbonda does get complicated.

In my travels through several on-line dictionaries, husbonda is consistently defined as master of the house-note, not a partner in life, but one who lords it over. My partner is definitely not one who lords it over, so I wonder if he still qualifies as a husbonda? No matter, I will continue to refer to him as partner, thereby covering all bases: better half, companion, consort, mate, spouse, Mr. Right, soul mate among others.

In conclusion,  I will end with Happy Thanksgiving. May you and yours, partners, children, parents, and friends find joy in sharing this auspicious day. Be it far from the maddening world of commercials, sales and materialism, and aligned with human connection, meaning and gratitude for life. Tagore speaks of art as the expression that comes out of abundance. May this be a most artful day for all.

Penelope (and her partner)