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June 16, 2014 Enroute to Italy





My partner has been invited to speak at conferences or teach at universities in Italy for the past several years. We have rarely planned a trip for personal purposes. The call simply comes and we are off. Food, wine, culture, history and now Pope Francis to boot, Italy has become the gift that just keeps giving. Occasionally, I get smug,  think I have seen it all, then another trip comes up and we return to see a new piece of the boot-shaped land.

In a few days we will fly out with Sardenia, Basilicata and Emilia Romagna as destinations. This time, no speaking engagements, no conferences, instead we are travelers with no purpose other then exploring and enjoying what lies ahead.

In speaking to people about the trip I have been surprised by a question that has come up repeatedly: Where is Sardinia? It lies off the western coast of Italy a little south of Rome. The French island of Corsica rests a few miles north, but we will save it for a later trip. The map  gives a good view. Click it to see it.

Posts to follow.

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  1. Maureen Jenkins

    June 15, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    Have a wonderful adventure! Can’t wait to see all your photos and read about your experiences! Ciao!

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