Over the past few weeks I have taken a vacation from blogging.

The time has been filled with restoring the back garden and testing my new Silk Road cookbooks. One of my granddaughters came to Davis for a long visit. We baked cookies, made art, and drummed among some other activities.


Oh must not forget that due to my friend Anne,  I also had a chance to see Lady Gaga in Sacramento! All I can say about the concert is Wow!

The vacation continues tomorrow with a trip to China. This will be the first time I do not take my computer and blog from along the way. The computer has become such a friend, it feels strange to be leaving without it. However, my partner and I are touring the ancient Silk Road (explains the new cookbooks) and I want to focus on what is along the pilgrimage. I will take copious notes and share all of it when I return.

For those who live in Texas, my thoughts and light-filled intentions are with you.

I will be back in October!