Dear Readers,

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After long consideration I decided to support Delaine Easton for governor. I have known her personally for some time and feel that she is what we need in the next administration. She has a wonderful background, knows her way around the government block, and has no “women” issues to boot. She won her second debate last night.

If you have yet to make a decision on a candidate, I sincerely you will take a look at the debate.

Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018
Dear Penelope —

Last night, during NBC’s statewide debate, Delaine once again showed Californians why she is the best person to lead our stateWatch it here, and share with friends. Instant reactions:

@BullGooseParty Wow, literally every tweet about #CAGovdebate is praising @DelaineEastin! Could be a moment!

This from the Associated Press’s Juliet Williams – @APJWilliams @DelaineEastin has been a valuable voice in tonight’s #CAGovDebate — a more aggressive counterpoint to the Reps than the top 3 Dems.

As @Katiefward said ‘She was by far the most inspiring candidate’

Or this from @perryanthonyj Incredibly articulate, no mud slinging, and a clear vision

Twitter followers jumped by over 10% and new volunteers and donors came on board.


It’s time to translate this new support and enthusiasm into votes. Now. Because ballots are arriving.