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January 2015 Inner Travel

The Winter Festival with its full monsoon of celebration, gift and food has quietly receded to an echo distantly drumming in the deeper crevices of my mind and memory. Prior, there were so many well intentioned plans including cookie baking to sitting in hermetic solitude before the fireplace while a coffee-ground log slowly burned its way toward extinction. After, longer draughts of same while waiting for more cookies to bake their way into edible form in space. My gifts arrived in spades: family, friends, space, solitude and art making ( the cookie work) and now that it’s 2015, we have a new trail marker along the illusionary path that we call time.

Added horizontally, 2015 is an eight year, or, another way to look at it, a year created by two fours. It takes a four to make a square. It takes two squares to cap and shoe a cube. In the world of symbolic process squares ground. Ground what? Whatever, better yet, whoever needs grounding. And to ground means? To sit squarely and solidly as a cube that fully recognizes itself as a cube while geometry turns into poetry.

Stillness and fire are basic elements of transformation. Give time over to shake and shift. Perhaps this is the deeper meaning of New Year’s resolutions: let go of the meaningless, the unnecessary, the trappings, and dive into unbounded space.

Is space anything but unbounded? My space, your space surely have boundaries. Unbounded space: the ocean of bliss, the pool of the unknown, the universe of the unlimited, is the only god-dess I want to know. May knowledge of the unbounded expand in 2015.

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