Well, I remember 9/11.

My father was in the hospital and I had spent the night with him overseeing his care. About seven in the morning his male nurse entered the room and asked, “Tom, would you like to watch the news?” It struck me as rather odd as it was so early and my father was not in the best condition. Dad nodded yes and soon we found ourselves observing the second attack on the twin towers. At first I though we were watching a sci-fi movie, but then what was truly happening dawned. My father’s only comment: “World War III, but I will not be around to see it.” He passed on 9/22, leaving the  rest of us to grieve, to confront and to deal as best we could with what had happened.

I spent yesterday trying to adjust to the results of the election. I had not expected a landslide in Clinton’s favor as many. While I expected that she would squeak over the finish line a point or two ahead of her opponent, I also knew that he stood the same chance. I had read the polls, but an inner voice kept saying, “Its not over, until its over. Well, its over and along with at least half the nation, I had to confront my feelings, the stress, and the anxiety that accompanied the conclusion. As I was going through this it suddenly struck me that the date was 11/9.