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March 30, 2016 Advanced Squatting


Thank you for the comments, jokes and wisecracks that followed the last post. Among them, a photo was requested.

Note the squatty bench wrapping around la toilette.


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It fits neatly under and out of the way until when mother nature signals, it can be pulled forward.


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Following the first weekend of potty and squatty potty training, we decided we would go for another of training my granddaughter. As the end of the second round approached our now advanced potty squatter turned into a flying yogini!


IMG_1981 copy


Lately, blog posts have been sparse. My enthusiasm for writing led to a bit of tendonitis-like symptons. Dr. Paul Nishida my favorite chiropractor and sports therapist out of Newport Beach Sports Therapy took care of the issue with painful massages, muscle relaxation technology and ultra-sound.

The other news is that I am upgrading the blog site to a web domain. Coming soon to a computer near you and just in time for my trip to Rome, Italy on Monday. I have been invited to meet Pope Francis. The anticipated meeting and a visit to La Pergola, Rome’s only three starred Michelin restaurant, have me hopping!

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  1. Flying Yogini!!!!! That’s hilarious !!!! I will have to try that myself…That’s really letting it go. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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